Pool Bladders

What are pool bladders?

Developed for the pool professional, the Pool Bladder™ is a simple to use, high capacity, temporary water storage unit.  Use these ultra-portable units when doing a liner change or anytime a pool needs to be drained for maintenance.

How will it save me money?

Do I Need One?

In this time of water shortage and where the price of water has escalated, who can afford to pour their pool down the drain and just top it up again.  As your pool professional we prefer not to dump perfectly good water into the sewers more than a few times a year….. so the answer is yes.

Not only will you be saving time and money and making your customers happy, it is not unheard of to charge a rental/service fee for additional earnings.

An Alternative to the Pop-Up Pool

Many pool companies are using pop-up pools so as to try and save the water from the pool but this is really hard to work with. Pop-up pools are hard to set up, prone to tipping and spilling, messy and hard to pack up. The setup time for a Pool Bladder is reduced to around 5 minutes and once emptied the can then be readied and packed

 up in under 20 minutes.  Pool Bladders are tougher and more durable than a pop-up pool and they utilise a smaller area of your yard with their convenient rectangular design.

City Water

As previously mentioned no one can forget about the large cost or water and the savings in using a Pool Bladder. What do you think it is worth to the homeowner to loose only half of one day of swimming?  As well as when they do start swimming (that very same day) the water will be as warm as it was before the liner change.

New Pool Construction

Imagine the convenience of installing these at the job site before hand. Filling the Pool  Bladders ahead of time so that once the pool is completed the customer will be able to swim the same day.