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Gunite Swimming Pools

Gunite is a product developed as a solution for tunnels, underground structures, slope stabilization, structural repairs and pools. Gunite is a mortar that is sprayed pneumatically onto surfaces at a high velocity. Gunite or shotcrete material is mortar or small-aggregate concrete applied using a wet or dry process. Once gunite has been applied it starts a simultaneous process of consolidation and settling.

When building a gunite pool the following process is followed:

1. place outer forms
2. excavate the area where the pool is to be built
3. install a gridwork of steel
4. apply gunite around the steel under high pressure

It is very important that the correct amount of steel is used to ensure that the pool shell is given the requires strength. The re-bar should be placed 200mm apart in a grid format, approximately 2.8 kg’s of steels should be used per square metre.

Gunite Pools

The advantages of a gunite pool, is that it can be built to the clients specifications. The gunite pool surface can either be marble plastered or fibre lined depending on the clients requirements.
Gunite pools built by Pool Fundi come with a 5 year guarantee.

Fiberglass Pre-formed pools

Fiberglass pre-formed pools are manufactured in a factory environment and comes with a high quality smooth finish. Fiberglass pool are generally come with a 10 year guarantee and are often stronger in structure than gunite pools. The advantages of pre-formed pools is that it can be installed in a quicker time frame as suppose to a gunite pool.

When installing pre-formed pool it is good practice to install a ring beam to add extra support to the fiberglass shell.
Please contact Pool Fundi for further details on how Pre-formed shells are installed.