Rock Art

Rock Features

Let us build you your very own Oasis with all the features. With your rock waterfall in your entertainment area you will feel just that much closer to paradise, providing you with your very own tranquil and peaceful getaway. Pool Fundi specialise in building quality artificial rock features and waterfalls in the most efficient way. Without any compromise on quality or service and your individual requirement in mind we bring your vision to life. Pool Fundi are one of the leading company for swimming pool waterfalls in the Durban.

Your Vision, our planning!

Our rock feature designs are done uniquely to each individual’s specification. Firstly, time is taken to consult with the home owner and family to ensure that their vision is created. As a result of rock features being available in many designs and styles most are installed by using cement mortar for a permanent installation. We take great pride in our designer waterfalls and go to great lengths to make each a new and unique masterpiece while adapted to the each yard setting. All waterfalls are created from concrete for strength and durability and are superior to other plastic or foam imitators.

Furthermore, our custom rockwork is more complicated and typically requires back filling of our rock casts with concrete; all Pool Fundi products are moulded to create the realistic impression of natural rock formations for a more realistic character and are constructed of a high quality concrete mix with fibre reinforcement to be lightweight but stronger than ordinary concrete.

Our waterfall design services are available on referral to independent dealers and consequently Pool Fundi rock making experiences are used not only in the greater Durban but throughout the country.

Pool Fundi is the most efficient and fastest way to build artificial rock pools and waterfalls with our waterfalls, boulders. We specialise in on all types of pools or ponds including new, resurfaced or remodelled. In conclusion, we take pride in all our services, products, masonry skills and installations and although we install in the shortest possible time they will last for many fun filled years.

In conclusion, why have a Pool Fundi waterfall?